What is going on in the Botlane?

Recently I picked up ADC again. There I noticed that "Supports" in basically every game play hyper aggressive. Then you've a short range ADC with a tank Support, your Support will try to trade with the Cait and Morg combo. Or they just spam the CC on CD and hope to hit something. Or running up into CC range to trade and getting caught like a Morgana against a Leona... When they start to feed or flame because nobody follows their "excellent" plays up, then they start to roam and abandon you as an ADC. But at least they buy the alibi sightstone they never use... So why is nobody watching Level and Gold anymore? Did I miss something? Or is trading for the sake of trade the new "Meta", where CS'ing is irrelevant and looking out for plays instead of constant harass is out? It's hard to deal with it. Usually I need to farm up Midgame what I lost in early game due that and it really annoys me. So what do you guys do, when you get such "Supports"? I mean I talk about ranked in low Gold range... and not Bronze. Where I know that from...
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