Seriously, What are you supposed to do against Yi? (Not a Post-Game Rage) (Well kind of)

Alright, so I just played a game against a Yi who went 1/5 early and was overall pretty bad. We then continued our game and tried to snowball. My teammates were all doing well, I not so much because I had lost lane. We were aware of how strong Yi could becomes when he gets strong, so we were taking almost all of his farm. Then suddenly, at minute 24, I 1v1 him and he is suddenly fed asf. At the point he had about 80 cs. You can see from the Gold advantage that we stayed ahead throughout the entire game until literally the very end, but we just couldn't touch yi, who did insane amounts of damage out of that 1 kill he had on me. We could have probably CC'd him more, the two deaths he got from his initial 5 being when I/Ashe CC'd him and we killed him. The rest of the time he just oneshotted our entire team and the only reason he didn't get a penta was because I offered myself to yasuo before he could get to me. I am aware we didn't have any tanks, I locked riven and then my entire team locked their champions, so we ended up really squishy. Not that it matters if every single one of YI's Autoattacks does about 100 true damage. **IF YOU AREN'T INTERESTED IN RANT OR TRAGIC GAMES THEN READ FROM HERE DOWNWARDS** But this isn't a post match rage, because this game made me realise how many of the Yi games I play I get behind but then just suddenly become unbeatable out of nowhere. More than 3/4 of my Pentas in game have been with Yi. I know CC counters him hard, but who cares about cc when you can dodge 1 or 2 pieces of CC with your Q and then qss all the rest. And the fact that a champion can become so ridiculously OP out of nowhere is pretty much unique to him and Yasuo, and is really damn annoying. Any tips?
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