People with almost no deaths..

..Are usually the once who throws the game. I have both been in this situation where I have a perfect game and instead of going risky for the win, I went for a safe baron call that gets smite stolen and the game is lost. Also most people who troll and doesn't do anything almost always has 1-2 deaths per game. People in the enemy team always say "But he was doing best in your team" when he has almost no team pressure but a very good looking score. Can people stop looking at the damn score and think "Hey he got least deaths, his probobly the best player". While Im here giving my life to protect my carry from a caitlyn ult. I swear people who goes for perfect games probobly lose more than they are getting S. So freaking stop thinking about your score, it often only leads to throws. I been there but I don't like losing elo cause my ego is too big.

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