Just Annie....... What are you supposed to do?? Her Q has the range of 650 (I think) which is the same for her auto attack range, which is higher than most Attack Damage Carries in the game and does 80% of her AP in damage!!! 80%!! also it's a targeted ability which allows her to never run out of mana... Her W is an AOE cone of death that deals crap tons of damage along with her Q, and (would you believe it) also has a range of around 600-650 Her E..... I have nothing wrong with Her Ult is by far the worst thing about her..... Instant RANGED stun that deals initial damage, damage over time in an area, and she gets a minion that can attack for her?? is this for real, like are the champion design team at RIOT trying to bring a living embodiment of Satan to tear people new buttholes?? (I know what people say about Teemo but please...) No matter who you play, unless you can kill her in 0.95 seconds (looking at you Leblanc/ Zed/ AD Garen) she will either 100-0 you instantly, or let you live long enough so you can hit her once. Did I mention that she can't be killed in a 1v1 scenario apart for the exceptions mentioned above?? I just hate the fact that she has barely to no counterplay what so ever and most of the time she will win in 2v1 situations because she has so much immense burst combined with suvivability..... I know it sounds like I'm complaining (which I will agree I am a little bit) but it just gets on my nerves when Annie is just 9 hitting me before I can do a single thing in response..... and I know you're probably going _"But you can just poke her with your ranged abilities or wait for a gank"_ which you can do, but poking someone who has the range of an ADC and can chunk your hp at level 1 is a very hard task to do, especially on champions who require a level 2 onwards powerspike, or champions who suffer from the lack of ranged abilities. She doesn't need items to be strong early... a dorans ring and amp tome usually covers it. As a small suggestion, just so she has some form of counterplay is maybe put Tibbers on a slight delay timer... doesn't have to be a massive one, just one long enough for people to react to it... I mean a similar thing was done with Rivens' ult? why not the same for Annie? or atleast do something to her Q/ W damage ratio?? I do really appreciate the Riot Champ design team, and I do respect the champions that they produce, but I think sometimes they just go way to over board with a champs kit and make it so ridiculous it just makes the game no fun (I have many League friends who would agree on this subject) Thanks (If you read this far) (Oh and to you people who use Annie as a support, to quote a YouTube video, If you build more than 30-50 AP on Annie "support" you are not playing support.... you are merely playing AP Carry gone botlane)
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