When will we see fair matches again in league?

I have learned that Player Vs Player does not mean just to vs one another using your skills and knowledge of the class but it also means to only fight at your own advantage or given the information you have received you are able to evaluate a strategy that will make the enemy think "WTF!?" but with this game it is normally only the second one, Riot will release a champ some pro(s) will play about with it and explore builds then Riot will release patch notes explaining the changes and suddenly this guy is like "Nice...this should get me some viewers!" Suddenly everyone is playing this champion with this build and suddenly the health of the game is dropped. {{champion:22}} was re-done a while ago she was very strong but not strong enough to call her op, riot nerf'd her but did not give her anything in exchange so now not only is her kit lacking but her early - mid game damage, i believe when a champion is nerf'd they need to be given something else so they are not strong in the same way which was not the whole problem. {{champion:22}} still feels incomplete when i play her i am stuck spamming W or aa to stack up my Q where is the fun in that especially when people still run past you and you are kiting them, that is not a fun champion to play at all, can i even call her a champion let alone marksman, by the time the game has already ended because of her lack of play-ability and kill secure i usually have around 2 items on most champions that are balanced you need at least 3 items to boost your damage % way higher than what it was with 2. Her E Hawkshot has more features it can offer as it still serves as a almost useless skill you can add movement speed to it. For example, H.S lvl 1 you are at your 3rd tower you use H.S towards the enemy tower you now gain increasingly more ms that decays over a very small portion of time and stacks up increasing the range of H.S and the initial burst of m.s but then decays over time as you level it. It only gives you movement speed if you are facing the revealed location and the boost only lasts until her Hawk Spirit disappears. {{champion:157}} he gains an advantage when his enemy pushes towards him as he can slide through and deal damage to all minions / champions he goes through, he is very deadly and without properly assessing like you normally have to he can just waltz back and fourth through the lane if he is clever at herding the minions and even the slightest mistake will give him a kill, he is a fun and easy but takes time to properly learn and imo he is considered OP as he excels in taking advantage on your mistakes that he creates for you. {{champion:245}} is supposedly a mage, tank and an assassin all combined as he can dash around back and fourth, gains barriers, has high range and mobility and can build full tank and still out damage you; he is an unfair champion. He is not a main carry but just with him in the enemy team means they have a huge advantage as he is very unlikely to die 1v1 after level 6, he cannot be caught unless 5 of u have heavy cc and decent damage but once he gets ahead there's no catching back up he just builds tank and takes you down. imo highly op consider re-work but definitely needs a nerf. {{champion:238}} excels in jukes, harassing and sending your adc back to base, in lane i have vs'd him with {{champion:10}} if he can land his skillshots (ss) and you fail to dodge it's a pretty one sided match up, but normally i use my abilities to dodge him such as {{champion:10}} W but eventually you run out of mana he has no real resource bar, normally because you are busy dodging his abilities his lane pushes and you don't get ganks because your {{champion:10}} another champ that lacks play ability especially in the early game and it is almost impossible to kill zed with her as he has a decent kit that allows him to go where ever he pleases. Considered strong imo needs tweaks on damage; he is too rewarding and there is almost no counter play other than dodge or buy certain items to counter him. But he then just takes your adc out of the game and he offers no counter play for most adc's at all. {{champion:103}} Standard mage excluding she gets a taunt, which is similar to a stun only it brings you closer to the enemy, she offers little counter play as she has a lot of dashes and once again Riot seem to exclude the primary spell {{summoner:4}} because no one needs 3 gap closers plus a {{summoner:4}} {{champion:84}} Anyway {{champion:103}} seems to rewarding and needs some tweaks. There are more but this is my number one list of champions that need adjustments / deleting.
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