Ranked (Solo/Duo) unfair LP Gains

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TLG Stórm / Diamond 4 73LP / 107W 86L Win Ratio 55% / Nami - 24W 16L Win Ratio 60%, Sona - 25W 12L Win Ratio 68%, Thresh - 15W 20L Win Ratio 43%, Soraka - 15W 7L Win Ratio 68%, Brand - 8W 6L Win Ratio 57%
Hey summoners! So i recently hit Diamond IV with a good winrate as a non-smurf. And in diamond itself i won 7 and lost 3. I´ve had multiple 4+ games winstreaks and i cant remember to lose more than 2 games in a row. With this information given, how on earth is it possible that i gain +14 LP/+15 LP/+16 LP and lose -19 LP? I mean Diamond is and was 2% of the top playerbase, i get that, but this isnt fair. U should climb when you are winning more often than you lose (--> 51%+ wr) even in diamond, especially when your opponents are equally skilled (--> have the same ranking/mmr). I hit diamond after the ladder-reset. In platinum my LP gains were +23 LP/+24 LP/ +25 LP. I´m not sure right now, but i think i got + 21 LP most of the time after the reset, and this is fine. i linked my op.gg if someone is interested ( https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=TLG+St%C3%B3rm ). I dont know what LP gains would be fair, but definetly not +14/-19 with a 56% wr as i have it right now. Here are some calculations (LP gains for 100 games with my current LP gains and losses): 51% winrate: -217 LP (51x14 = 714. 714 - (49x19) = -217) 52% winrate: -184 LP 53% winrate: --151 LP 54% winrate: -118 LP 55% winrate: -85 LP 56% winrate: -52 LP 57% winrate: -19 LP 58% winrate: +14 LP As you can see, i need a 58% winrate to get +14 LP in 100 games, this is just a timewaste. I wouldnt want to play 700+ games to get into promos. Luckily i win like 4 and lose 1, so i dont really have to suffer from the system, but this is not the point. Thanks for reading, and i´m also interested what other diamond players and players in other leagues are experiencing. TLG Stórm
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