Just asking Riot... What benefits do AP Mages have now?

- Poor starting wave-clear - Mana gated - Even if you get 3 kills at the start, your enemy can just clear waves faster then you with {{item:3087}} and its new baby item so there is no point trying to push. You AD enemy will come out of the laning phase much MUCH better then you for less effort. - The sad fact of this game that it takes MORE effort to get a kill on {{champion:161}} because you need to successfully land combos then it is for {{champion:62}} and {{champion:24}} who can dive on you once and whack off half your health in one hit. There needs to be a BENEFIT/EFFORT ratio because Riot don't have one. When are we going to get proper justice for AP mages because all Riot has done this preseason is forced us to watch the rise of the auto-attack, right-click junkies who think they are "good" because they have simply better itemization and champion design then we do. {{champion:67}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} (Sorry but as REAL player of this game I will never accept that this guy takes skill. He has no freaking mana ffs, a double crit passive with a SLIGHT nerf to Crit damage and can practically block all forms of Harass... plus mobile as fuck and so "skilled" that everyone builds the same thing of him. {{item:3087}}
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