Ahri tips for newbie ahri

If you never played {{champion:103}} and want to main her i have some basic tips. Upgrade Q first then W then E and dont forget to max ult. If you wanna know What her ult does or abilities then read about ahri in the lol client. Make sure to poke with Q and if you are close to miss cs you can use W remember W will priority champions. in order to E the enemy when behind minions you Can E if you see a gap between the minions you can also use charm flash where you E and then quikly flash. If you are against hard matchups like zed fizz and yasuo always start with zhonya's hourglass remember dont panic and use zhonya just before fizz ult detonation same with zed and use exhaust or barrier. A basic combo is to E Q W and then ignite or E flash q w ignite and then ult to finish them off if they are not dead. That was pretty much it let me know if i missed some and let me know what you think. It was nice to help ^^
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