Meh, dem autofill discussions. Let's try to actually make a productive one.

Boards are literally littered(yeah i liked the way it sounded too) with legions of people triggered and the community is split into 2 groups - those ok with filling and those... well, writing yet another "remove autofill" thread. I'd like to make it into an actual discussion - what do you think is the bad or good thing of the concept and maybe suggesting a viable solution. *No, removing autofill is not a viable solution, unless replaced with something with better effects*. ----------------- So let's start with my personal criticism towards the system. Personally, I don't have much of a problem with filling once n'th every game. I understand it's required for queues to work properly. But I'm a midlane main. And, as Riot mentioned, proportions of games played with and without autofill is determined by roles you play and demand there is for it. That being said, in my experience picking mid/top leaves me with autofill appearing every ~3rd game. This leaves me with 2/3 games played on the roles I prefer playing. Well ok, a tad more, since I don't always get filled with autofill. So lets assume 75% of the games I play are not a fill. Out of these, usually every 3rd game I'm being put into toplane - not something I'm too uncomfortable with, but well, I prefer Ahri. :D So what's the effect? Out of all my ranked games, effectively only about a half of them is played on the position I'd like to play. And that's not mentioning Ahri isn't a low pick rate either, so I get to play my main actually less than half of the games. I do realize it's needed, but at the same time I understand people's frustration over it. It just gives you a feeling, even after a won game, that likely there is one or two to come, where you simply won't enjoy the gameplay no matter if you lose or not. To counterbalance that, I'll admit I do see the system in it's current shape a bit better than it was before. Not sure whether it's due to meta changes, but at least now "fill" is not synonymous to "support" anymore. Plus, I bet if there were no autofill, I'd get to play mid even less often than I do now. Not mentioning queue timers. **Solution?** To be honest - I don't know. I'd just like it to feel less of "unavoidable doom". I'd suggest making autofill a semi-individual pick. What do I mean by this? Warning a player how many games he has of being autofill protected. Then, once you run out of these, your second role pick would automatically be set to "fill". Picking fill before the counter runs out would reset the counter and add 1 to it. This way everyone would be able to plan how to play his games. For example, knowing you will have to fill next game, you might call your friend to play duo botlane to increase your chances of winning, avoiding the risk of random ADC. Or you could play some fills in advance to increase your "shielded" score so you can have a whole next day off from filling. Amount of fills wouldn't be affected by such solution, while for players it would feel like having some control over it. ---------- So yeah, those were my 2 cents. Share your opinions, hopefully without it becoming another "AUTOFILL=CANCER" thread. Let's try to ACTUALLY find compromise.
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