Qiyanas balanced but other assassins outperform her, my suggestion in fixing her.

She has some realy good strength and some bad depending on positions but overall she is slightly weaker at late game even while ahead. in the mean time assassin with the same KDA outperform her, almost if not all assassins have a better engage and disengage that require little to no positioning, Qiyanas whole kit revolves around positioning and if enemy is in your base her potential is dropped by an enormous amount, she only has wall as an enchantment and you have no reliable walls to ulti. even if you are ahead in kills and levels if enemy is pushing into our base you might as well be a handicap with no arms. new dragon changes are a gamble, she is only good with one and it is the water drake, the stone and fire drake handicape her as well making walls either non existent or making them too small. Her kits is unique and fun but some QoL changes are required. Fixies that could help. - Tanky stats - Removing the enchantment mechanic and keep wall enchantment as default and make the passive proc with each refresh of W. This will remove her snare and invis but this will be compensated for more tanky stats. - or you could have her enchantments to cycle through and remove CD on W but remove the dash. this would reduce positioning required. - her ulti needs to be wider and also the pushing distance need to be based on how close they are to you. at the moment it is a fixed amount, even if you are able to ulti a wall but the enemy is too close to you, you wont be able to push them as far back. - or you can remove the "require a wall element" to her ulti and make her ulti behave like when in river but with a wider radius.
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