Akali needs some changes!

Akali needs big changes. nerfing her doesent do shit. she has been nerfed plenty. and with her entire kit its like it doesent exist at all. she is way too op and just auto wins evrything. she just takes away all fun from league to play against her. and i think it deservs a very careful considiration. like she has revolver alone. and she takes 30% of an junglers hp each skill. and she has a 1.5cooldown for the moste part that she can burst and spam dmg with... and she is NERFED lol. this is not her best. she has been nerfed plenty and i see her win just about evrything because she jumps a million times evrywhere like a stupid monkey.. like.. out playing her is not an option. it just isnt a thing rofl :P she either needs to lose some of her kit as it makes her too op. get reverted back to her old self where laning against her was atleaste somewhat fair despite her being a chicken gooser. or she needs a totly new rework where her kit is actually possible to play against. because winning over her with this kit is not possible. and it destroys the fun of the game
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