Fiora's Ultimate (New Release)

Okay so it seems they have made {{champion:114}} a lot better in nearly everyway, (excluding her face!) which is GREAT! Only one problem her Ultimate heals, herself and any allies in the vicinity, other people have suggested "why not AOE AD increase" or something similar / else. ANYWAY! AOE buffs are pointless you don't support allies you get supported by ALLIES if you are a duellist it contradicts her role. Her previous MECHANICS defined her role formidably, only they were too simple, they lacked strategy i.e ("i ll go in at 6: AA,Q,AA,Q,AA,W,E, AA,AA,AA Oh they have about 20% health...R") = DEAD, that was it you either die when you Q in and get half way through but now they have defined it rather than simplified it (as it previously was) Okay so my suggestion of an adjustment to her ultimate Grand Challenge (R) is to reveal all vital spots, (which is 4 I believe) be granted 4 - 6 Lunge's (Q) Which during the time frame costs no MP & has no cool-down, so you just aim your Q manually and hopefully hit all 4 vital spots, (almost the same as the old {{champion:114}} excluding you have to aim it and it only works on one target (since you do not want any AOE attack spells, Riot!) Let me know what you think!
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