Incentivising AP Gangplank

So I've been nostalgically attached to Gangplank for a pretty long time now. I've had fun playing the old and the "new" Gangplank and continue to enjoy the kit. Once in a full moon I go back to watching Siv HD AP GP OP to reminisce when it stills worked pretty well due to a mixture of the old GP kit and 75% AP ratio Lich Bane. Playing AP on the reworked Gangplank is unfortunately even more troll than the old one. And I keep wondering why, since AP Miss Fortune was kept in the game and people were even incentivised to play it when an AP ratio was added to her Q. Is it not possible for Gangplank to get the same treatment or is AP GP a playstyle that shouldn't be strong? If so, for what reasons? My personal suggestion for making AP GP a little less troll and a little more of a fun pick when you wanna go off meta would be to add a 20% or 25% AP ratio to his Q and remove the spellblade inconsistency from his barrels. What I mean by that is that GP barrels apply Sheen, Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet damage, but not Lich Bane damage, resulting in unreasonably low damage numbers on barrels, making them basically useless on AP GP apart from the slow they apply and the movespeed GP gains when proccing them. TLDR: AP MF was made playable and was buffed when it was about to get popular as a support pick, why not do the same with GP?
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