A comprehensive guide on how to get ganked.

I am writing this because the amount of people that complain their jungler isn’t doing what they think he should (usualy camping them). This is what you need to do to get ganked. **The Do’s:** - Ping for help. Its simple, its easy, its free. Just don’t spam. - Allow the enemy to push you. Self explanatory. - Poke the enemy. A low enemy is easier to kill. **The Don’t’s:** - Push. The amount of laners who perma shove to the enemy tower and then complain they get ganked by the enemy but not from me is interesting. You don’t even need to let them push you in. Just keep it even. - Think your jungler can read your mind. Communicate through pings, not through saying ‘why did you go in’ after your jungler comes and you just keep farming, even though you never indicated you would. - Give your enemy a lead. Contrary to popular beliefe, ganking a 3/0/0 laner is not a good idea. It’s better to gank your ahead lanes, meaning you can win if counterganked + a behind enemy is easier to kill and deals less damage. I know this sounds like a rant and tbh it kinda is but the amount of people who push to the enemy tower for 10 mins, get very behind, then complain about no ganks and jungle difference is a number I don’t like. Also a message to botlaners - its not your junglers fault your both 0/4/0. That conncludes my guide.
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