Can we talk about banshee's veil and guardian angel?

I wanted to talk about the 2 items that have been changed into complete nonsense, Banshee's veil and Guardian angel. Honestly i could understand the banshee's veil change abit as ad champs have edge but guardian angel is super unfair an item that gives you a second chance of life shouldnt give you ad stats too. i liked the old ga more since it was super situational. Now everyone can just buy it as first item tower dive or what ever without having to worry about a thing since it gives you a second chance at life. And i think banshee's gives to much safity to a mid laner. i played lux a match or 3 ago and i went bot side to kill vayne and thresh, thresh hit his q but it got negated bcs of banshee's which meant he couldn't dom anything about be killing vayne. Bit unfair if you ask me.
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