Stacking % damage reduction on certain champs

Hi, I just wanted to share how disgusting stacking % damage reduction can be (and is) on certain carries. It was pretty ugly before this patch but with the buff to death's dance it's even worse. Obviously getting multiple of these items doesn't really work for every champion in the game but for those who can get some, or all of them it's pretty devastating. For example. Last game I played jungle{{champion:11}} . but i get the same items on {{champion:56}} and {{champion:5}} . So I basically get {{item:1419}} followed by {{item:3812}} and {{item:3046}} . This gives you a incredible amount of damage reduction (with {{item:3047}} up to 44% versus basic attacks) and 30% of the damage over 3 seconds. Just end with a {{item:3153}} and a {{item:3742}} or {{item:3065}} and you're way to durable for the damage you can deal. Although this can be fun I think this combination of items is a bit too powerful at the moment. You can literally build kinda squishy, and be so durable you're basically a pseudo tank for a short duration. Thoughts? Oh and a question from me as well. Does damage reduction reduce the bleed effect from {{item:3812}} because I can't find an answer online
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