Yasuo What i would change

What problems are at yasuo (Crit +Dmg armor pen on ult ) Shield and his laning once he gets the first crit items * Passive Changed Way of wanderer Crit Maximum dmg is 200 % cant be increased by items like {{item:3031}} Crit Chance moved to ult Shield can be stronger in the early phases in the early game but should scale off in late * Steel tempest weaker in early but still strong in late (no autoattack reset) Wind Wall Stays the same * The skill Sweeping blade Should be buffed and it should give a kind of armor pen mark (New )After dashing an Enemy champion yasuo leaves a mark Hitting the marked enemy champion with Steel tempest will do increased dmg ( Scales with leathlity) in % * Last Breath The Requierments for doing the skill stays the same Kill and Crit Killing an enemy will give Yasuo an % Of crit chance scales up bigger to each kill Example Tier 1 10% on each kill on champ 10%->20%->30%->40%->50% Tier 2 15 % -30%->45%->60%->75% Tier 3 20 %->40%->60%->80%->100% Double the armor pen ( Removed )
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