The problem with Bronze players

So... I was in a normal trying to get my lux at level 5 (as it is almost there, just needed one win) and what happens? I GET BRONZE PLAYERS IN MY GAME. Like seriously, I have a bot lane feeding hardcore against a teemo, a top laner that goes 1/13/1 and says "sorry first time pantheon" and a shen jungle which is afk during 20 minutes. 20 GOD DAMN MINUTES. Like, if you're bronze (or silver because of elo boosting or something) just DON'T PLAY FIRST TIME CHAMPIONS IN NORMALS. Seriously, go play with bots. Unless you are really sure you'll win lane you can go normals. IT'S NOT SEASON 1 PEOPLE! If you're bronze, take my advice. It'll help you so hard.

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