Normal games MMR? Is it real?

First of all, welcome to my post and thank you for spending your time with me. Now, let's talk about the topic. Since I joined the Boards, I found a lot of threads complaining about the unfair Normal games matchmaking, and the most of the answer was that every player has a different Normal MMR which is different from the Ranked one, so even a Challenger could have Bronze MMR in Normal if he climbed from Bronze to Challenger without playing Normals. I saw this so many times that I though it had to be real, so I myself started to answer that to people who was complaining about that in here. Back then I was a low Silver player who used to play mostly normals and some ranked from time to time, but then I wanted to climb, and I focused hard in ranked games, if I can recall properly, I was Silver III when this happend. When I was in that rank, all my normal games where full of Silver people, from Silver V to Silver I, and rarely I saw some Bronze/Gold player. Then I climbed to Gold IV, without playing almost any Normal game, and when I did they were all games with silver Premades. When I reached that point, I felt a but exhausted about playing just my best champions all the time, so I went back to normals to play something else, and I was matched with Gold people, and some Silver/Platinum sometimes and rarely a low Diamond player. This made me thing that, if the Normal MMR exists, it has to be related in some way to the rank MMR, and not being completly independent. So, I wanted to ask if some of the people that talks about the Normal MMR has any official link from Riot saying so, or something to really back it up. Since I'm really curious to know about this. Thank you for your time and have a nice day you all!
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