[GUIDE] How to get out of Bronze/Silver (Step-by-Step.)

How to get to gold or higher (if you belong there). Follow this, without cheating even for 1 game, and if you're still in the same league after 1 or 2 months, it's safe you say you belong in Bronze/Silver. Obviously it might take longer for some, if they can only play very few games a day. I climbed from S5 to G4, in under a week on a smurf, cause my boss thinks i do the finances, but really i just play LoL, during worktime. How to climb step by step. 1. Pick 1 easy-mechanic champ and low banned obviously, (Annie/Garen/Malphite, **NOT RIVEN/YASUO etc**.), that you wanna master and make your OTP (One-trick Pony) 2. Play that champion atleast 20-30 games in normal, to get the feel of the mechanics. 3. No matter if you lose 4-5 games in a row, on your Annie/Garen whatever, dont change to some champ you don't master... Your wins will come. 4. DODGE..!.. Don't be afraid to dodge if you don't get your OTP champ, it doesn't lower your hidden Match-Making-Rating, only your visual LP(with -3 or -6, nothing huge), and you play for MMR, not titles. Cause rank-titles are just visuals, nothing else. (My other account was Plat3 but i played with Plat1 to D3 players, cause high MMR, and tons of dodges.) 5. I am 100% correct in what i write here. Unless it's duo with a Dia/Challenjour smurf, who boost you, which wont grant you anything in the long run, except propell you back into low elo, cause you don't master a champ to play at higher elo. 6. And probably one of the more important steps, WATCH YOUR REPLAYS, see what you could have done better. (More wards, less aggressive play, not watching mini-map consistently, etc etc.) You can ofc expand your roster to 2 champions, i got 2 champions that i OTP, and played for over 1000 games each. Which is Annie/Jayce. Jayce is really hard to master so i dont recommend him, Annie you can master in 10-20 games, and is the best carry in the game, a tier above anything else, cause she can TOP/MID/Support, carry a whole team. I know people are also maining other roles, so i'll throw in a few elo-climbers that i think you should master. ADC/Marksman: MF/Ashe, MF especially good after lethality patch, and lethality stacking. Jungle: Nocturne/Shyvana/Eve, all 3 low mechanics, and don't require that many games to master, and people don't respect their threat pressure on lanes. Also they're able to hardcarry games if fed. When Udyr gets his rework reverted, i recommend him too. Support: Brand/Zyra/Lulu. All 3 are kinda hard to master, cause they're very situational, knowing when to pop all your utility/wreck-fest, but if you do master one of them, they can carry games better than your AP/AD carry sometimes. I made this cause i see people ask everyday on forum, how to get out of Bronze/Silver, and when i look in their profile, i see them play a different champion/role almost every game, instead of sticking to 1 champ/role. And not even top players master more than a few champs. But they also have a whole different understanding of the game than you do, so you can't really compare yourself to them. This thread can also help Gold/Plat players, cause it's the only trick to climb, that is consistent. Follow this without cheating, and you'll climb. > [{quoted}](name=YouAintGood,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JKM1BbbU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-01T10:24:42.019+0000) > > Legit guide. I followed a guide similar to this, and i got from S4 to G4 by following this mentality > > Check my lolking performance > http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/27101063/YouAintGood#/profile > > From July 23th to August 1st I got from 1396 elo to 1602 elo in roughly a week after being stuck. > Look my performance before that, i was just stuck. > > > That Treyco guy, is talking out of his bumholes and people should ignore the trolls Nice with some feedback. Well done :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ae_tRh4td0 Watch this video with LS explaining good champs to carry low elo with.

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