If you wanna split push in a Solo Q game ...

At least please learn how to do it for god's sake. I've lost so many games including my last one because people try to split push and have no idea what that means. Split pushing doesn't mean that you should be on a lane all game long and not give a sh*t about anything else. In my last game our Teemo was basically on some other lane leaving us 4v5 all the time, we were almost winning 4v5 anyways, but in the last minute basically 3 people were left defending from our team vs 4 of theirs and we only had inhibitor and one nexus turret. So our Teemo, instead of porting base and helping us, he thought that it would be a better idea to leave 2 of our men vs 4 of theirs and he should go push their inhibitor. Which ultimately cost us the game, which we were clearly winning. Split pushing means that the fate of the team is in your hands, you make it harder for your team and you make it easier for the enemy team to comeback. **If you're already winning from the early stage there is no reason for you to SPLIT PUSH !!!!!!!!!**
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