Kindred's Passive

Hi there. I just came back from a game on summoner's rift. Kindred has been released during patch 5.20 and has made, sadly another, unbalanced push into the game. The way I see it is that Kindred's passive Mark of the Kindred has been ruining people's gameplay by, getting the stacks either itself or by it's teammates, gets very overpowered once per... I don't know, say six stacks alone from the jungle as a jungler or as Marksman/whatever lane. Once that happens, Kindred gains the opportunity to solo Baron Nashor with teammates backing her up in the background with let's say healing and more resists. This passive needs a nerf, a harsh nerf. No marksman should be able to solo the strongest monster on the Rift with simple ease. It's a teambased objective, not singular. Carries managing to solo dragon is easier, but Baron? Outragious. It would be nice if RIOT took a look into this passive and, let's say, turn the passive stacks on 0.75% instead of 1.25%. In that sense it could deal damage like a normal marksman.
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