Please, am I garbage?

So recently I just took up my beloved Lulu again (Had 200k pts on her) again. I've been doing really well with her, I never take ignite because I like feeling like a SUPPORT, so, no damage runes either. So someone took her, and I took Braum (Whom I kinda know how to use) with Ezreal (autofilled, this around Silver 1-2). Against Lulu and Lucian (Lucian S1, had been Gold, both were premade) and I fed hard, and we lost the game, I went 2/8/something. My ezreal went 0/6/something. Am I bad? Am I garbage? If I cannot defeat my main in lane, am I just... a bad player? I main support and I've been managing to climb by improving, but this defeat really got to me... Is it normal to lose to your main? acceptable? Please share stories, or anything.
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