Which champions do you think are the hardest to properly learn and master?

**Hey guys** so I have recently been in the mood to make more and more posts just asking random questions because I am pretty interested in your opinions actually. SO on this topic of opinions; **which champs do you think are the hardest to properly learn and master**? To clarify I do not mean champs which can be learned with ease; I mean champs which take **hundreds maybe even thousands** of games to master and learn and even then you may not fully use their potential. I am gonna do a top 10 since thats easy to do and after thinking and looking at champs here is my top 10: {{champion:1}} - very hard to learn... wait... wait.... somethings not right here...... {{champion:69}} - The first in my actual list is Cassiopeia. I like playing this champ she is fun but very very hard to learn. Her mechanics are quite hard in themselves but being able to use them effectively, prioritise targets, know when to play aggressive, matchups, item spikes and general macro requires like starcraft level of skill in my opinion. She did get a bit easier with the removal of her Ult fash combo but still; very hard. {{champion:268}} - Azir has such a weird and complex kit he has to be one of the hardest. You gotta position not only yourself effectively but your soldiers, whether this is 1, 2 or 3 of them. People need to learnt attack move, ability move, position, combos, trading. Him being the literal 50/50 split in ability usage and basic attacking (if you class soldier attacks as basic attacks) makes him that much harder. {{champion:238}} - Most assassins in general are quite hard to learn properly but Zed is one of the few who definitely allow room for extra growth. Outside of standard assassiny things like positioning and teamfighting etc. Zed has to learn combos more than most others. Things such as triple shadow usage and learning the untargetability of is ult. {{champion:112}} - Not a champ most expect to be on this list but Viktor is actually very very difficult to manage properly. He uses basic attacks quite often with his Q and his E is quite an unusual ability to learn properly and learn its range. Players must learn to manage his E, W effectively while knowing how and when to use his R and move his R while moving himself and attack moving. One of Viktors most difficult stages is also learning his matchups early game since early game he can be destroyed very easily. {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} - I am putting the 5th and 6th together on the list because they are complicated for similar reasons. Both require great skill to effectively play and have animation cancels of some form (riven being mandatory to use them). The combos they can do in addition to how they can play since they have a lot of all-in but if caught out can die very quickly. {{champion:34}} - Again another uncommon one on the list; watch a gold 2 Anivia and then watch Froggen. Hell even watch a Diamond 2 Anivia and then watch Froggen. You can see what she can do and boy is she one difficult champ to play. {{champion:39}} - **Don't flame me for this one**; yes atm Irelia is pretty busted and quite a faceroll champ but imagine her in a balanced setting; she is hard to play. Her E is an unusual skill shot and learning when to go in and when to ult and learning to use your W is hard to do and takes time. There is a huge difference between a bad, good and great Irelia. {{champion:76}} - The first proper jungler of the list and is the only jungler on this list actually. Although their are many hard junglers to learn *cough* {{champion:64}} *cough*; unlike the blind man Nidalee is just that much harder in my eyes. She is a bit simpler now since Riot removed her animation cancels but playing Nidalee takes a lot of time... and I mean **a lot**. For one she has 6 abilities to use; all doing different things. Maybe someone can master early game Nid but late game happens and she cant just go *tank* like Lee can. She needs to position, go in, get out, heal, trap etc. {{champion:7}} - The last on the list.... **Le Blanc**... she is just something else really. She has some extreme mobility and such a large variety of combos and pre-thought that most champs do not have. With her pre-work players now need to think *which ability should i use here because thats the one i have to mimic if used wrong* etc. A great LB can solo carry but its not easy. You need to learn aggression, combos, Cooldowns, how to use the R and how to move her clone and herself in equally convincing ways which is not easy... **And there you have it!** I know its wordy but thanks so much for reading! What do you think about my list? What are your changes? **Honorable mentions would include: **{{champion:41}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:203}}
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