The First Challenger!

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Hey Guys, It's me again ! Edit: Started streaming :)! Reached Challenger in 5v5 flex and Master in soloq at the moment. Come check my stream out,I will be doing giveaways depending on the follower amount! . The guy that made the guide on how to get challenger in 3v3s, well 4 days after the ranked reset and I got it again! I noticed some changes and i was thinking of some new tips to add on my guide, sooo lets start! The meta is 2-1 , Bruiser with {{summoner:11}} that builds {{item:1412}} and a Support with {{summoner:7}} and {{summoner:3}} go together in the jungle and top lane, and lastly the AP Carry on bot with {{summoner:4}} and {{summoner:14}} . Itemization for bruisers is usually : Start: {{item:1041}} + {{item:1036}}/({{item:1055}} ) + {{item:2003}} x3 or {{item:1041}} + {{item:1039}} +{{item:2003}} x3 First back : {{item:1412}} + {{item:1001}} Second back : It depends on the champion you play but in most cases it's going to be {{item:3071}} Third back : Usually {{item:3812}} Forth back : {{item:3156}} or {{item:3053}} or {{item:3065}} . And last item : {{item:3143}} vs crit, {{item:3022}}/{{item:3742}} for slow,{{item:3033}} if your support doesn't buy {{item:3123}} . Note: Of course this can vary totally for bruisers like {{champion:157}}, {{champion:10}} and {{champion:82}} . They go with builds like: {{champion:157}} : {{item:1419}} >{{item:3046}} >{{item:3022}} >{{item:3031}} >{{item:3153}} >{{item:3156}} /{{item:3140}} . {{champion:82}} : {{item:1414}} >{{item:3146}} >{{item:3116}} >{{item:3090}} >{{item:3078}} ({{item:3053}} ).ect... {{champion:10}} : {{item:1419}} >{{item:3115}} >{{item:3124}} > {{item:3085}} >{{item:3116}} (This is my personal build,I haven't seen a Kayle build {{item:3085}} but I think it's a great item,also i usually switch {{item:3116}} for {{item:3090}} ). Itemization for supports is: Start: {{item:3097}} First back : {{item:3401}} or if needed {{item:3123}} Second back : {{item:3107}} Third back : {{item:3109}} Forth back : {{item:3110}} or {{item:3190}} Itemization for AP Carries usually is: Start : 2x{{item:1056}} + 1x{{item:2003}} First back : {{item:3165}} Second back : {{item:3090}} or {{item:3116}} Forth back : {{item:3135}} . For bans, it's the same list : {{champion:420}} ,{{champion:10}} ,{{champion:82}} ,{{champion:122}} ,{{champion:2}} ,{{champion:104}} ,{{champion:44}} ,{{champion:78}} ,{{champion:134}} ,{{champion:63}} ,and if pesky {{champion:157}} mains,ban it. And for picks,strong picks,other than the banned ones are: {{champion:69}} ,{{champion:90}} ,{{champion:7}} ,{{champion:58}} ,{{champion:126}} ,{{champion:59}} ,{{champion:57}} ,{{champion:111}} ,{{champion:201}} ,{{champion:75}} (great counter for {{champion:10}} ),{{champion:427}} ,{{champion:102}} (counter for {{champion:2}} and {{champion:157}}),{{champion:50}} ,{{champion:8}},{{champion:161}},{{champion:24}} ,{{champion:11}} ect.... And that's about it what I wanted to add, so for you that know me,and for you that don't, my IGN is Echy, I play on EUNE and I'm it's first Challenger x). Here's my last thread about how to get challenger, I think it's more detailed on how to play 3v3: . Here are some screenshots of my profile right now : . If you found this post or the last one helpful please leave an up vote , also please comment because I like to have discussions with other people :). Share this and the last thread with your friends and tell them that they could easily get Challenger in around 100 3v3 games played alone! PS.: Tell me if you want me to start streaming the 3v3s if you need more help and explanation. See you summoners in the Twisted Treeline! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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