Gragas needs to get nerfed

OmarGod - GRAGAS ONETRICK | Ft. Huhi
Tony takes all of his junglers into the depths of Gragas hell - throwing kegs for eternity. Experimenting with a bit of a shorter video this time, so let me know what kinda length you like! Thanks for watching!
This is not even funny, ever since Riot buffed {{champion:79}} he's been almost in every game. Not only [these official stats say that he has 80% pick rate in LCS]( but also greatest coaches like Zikz and SKT Kkoma advise their junglers to play {{champion:79}} whenever possible. And why wouldn't they, he has high sustain, shit ton of AOE cc, mobility, combos with flash, innate tankiness and base damage, even waveclear. As far as I'm concerned, I don't see any weak side to this champion, does anyone?
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