[Ranked] Please fix /remake for afker's / trolls

Apologises if this post comes off as angry. However I'm tilted due to the very problem I'm about to discuss. So the /remake option for those that don't know what it is as so: If a player on your team is afk for 3 minutes upon beginning of the game (even after first blood) then you team can type /remake and the game will be ended without lost to any team. This is very useful in ranked so as to not lose your lovely lp. However this doesn't stop AFKer's / Trolls. Now here is where I go into full on tilt mode so bare with me. Last game on 64lp if I win then I get closer to my Silver 5 Promos. We have a ziliean playing mid vs a kata. He dies once and then just ups and quits the game (he joined 15 minutes later blaming a random DC but I highly doubt it) end result is mid lane is unguarded and leads to kata getting cs fed then roaming to other lanes eventually feeding them and then end of the game has been won by enemy team (we surrendered at 20 mins) Another past game. I was gonna play my main Hecarim, a player (Jinx player) said "Don't play Heca or I afk" We argued in chat for a bit (whole team) eventually I chose Kha'zix as a better choice against the enemy team comp. Fast forward into the game and the jinx is standing in the spawn for the entire game just clicking their mouse every so often so as to prevent us from doing /remake & to stop it showing her as AFK (we lost this game as well). Now this is the proposed fix I ask for the /remake criteria. If a player has remained the same level for specific time limit e.g. a player gets level 3 and rage quits or crashes or afks. After 2-3 minutes if that player is still the same level then it will display a message such as "<Player> has not participated in game for 3 minutes. Type /remake to stop the game." After that message has been displayed then players can do /remake and then it will just end the game like normal and no lp is lost and no mastery points / ip is gained.
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