I have yet another useless but funny suggestion

some champions look like some jungle camps so I think it would be funny that when they try to kill those camps they say some unique lines {{champion:19}} killing wolfs : sorry buddy but you would do the same {{champion:268}} killing rapotrs : an emperor must make some sacrifices {{champion:76}} killing wolfs : you remind me of someone I knew {{champion:223}} killing groump : oh brother don't look at me like that {{champion:54}} killing stones : hey handsome {{champion:498}} killing raptors : you should've stayed in ionia guys {{champion:133}} killing raptors : NO VALOR... THEY'RE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, I AM ! and {{champion:143}} could have unique lines for each jungle plant she uses using blast cone : get me out of here using the vision thing : show me honey fruit : I'm sorry but I need to and {{champion:267}} when ever she enters the river she can say : home sweet home and for {{champion:62}} when ever he is hit by a critical strike he can make some boosted monkey sounds :D you know what i mean right? please if you have any other funny dialogs in mind that can make this game better tell them in the comments and +1 this post so maybe riot will use them ( it's not some thing hard to add so they might actually use them )
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