Do you have fun playing Nexus siege?

Just wondering what other think about the game mode. Can't say I enjoy it. But it might just be down to bad experiences in the games I've had. I've either had someone that went afk for a bit or a round/game. Or people that have refused to communicate and work together with the siege items just to have them wasted or not as effective as they could be. I really want to like the game mode as I like pretty much all of the rotating modes. But I just find with Nexus siege its like a worse version of SR if someone goes AFK or trolls the team. Since you need to work together to push or defend. I was left top one game on my own against a Yasuo and Viktor. I couldn't do anything as Tristana because of Yasuo's wall allowing minions to freely walk in to the cap zone making it a horrible experience for my team as they was under a constant barrage from the cannon. (All because someone was AFK and we couldn't rotate to push or it left another lane open)
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