Countering healers

Okay, usually I don't complain on Boards or make a thread while complaining, but.. This is starting to piss me off. I play mostly ARAMs (rift is cancer for fun, sorry, it's true for me because I can only play support there), and in ARAM you usually find a bulky HP regen monster like Mundo, Garen, Volibear or so on. Seriously, if they have warmog it's just a nightmare. Not to mention if they have an ability that lets them heal during battle (ww, mundo). And it's okay, you can beat them if you have dmg and cc. But if you don't.. well.. die And usually for me I find myself against such a monster, and always on my time I have an adc (yay~). But imagine when that adc (in my case, 100% of them) don't know how to build anti-healer. One item! ONE BLOODY ITEM!! Executiner's which goes to Mortal Reminder. Inflicting Grievous wounds (reducing 40% healing with each hit, works with abilities as well). And each game I have to tell them to buy it, and each game everyone keeps acting like an underdeveloped primate, screaming and I quote "wtf you stupid, i need crit". They don't build botrk, they don't build mortal reminder, they build IE and hurricane or something for crits. And then we lose, if by some chance we win because we get lucky with some outplays. So seriously, is it so hard for people to know and buy ONE simple item. which not only gives armor pen, but also is worth hundred times more than the other sh*t that branches from last whisper. It's pissing me off -_-{{summoner:14}}
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