Fizz is too OP!

Hey guys i really enjoy play Fizz but i found few problems with him and i would like to share it with you. Fizz is currently one of the strongest champions in this meta, because of his ability to one shot someone and quick escape, he really needs a change. But there is a problem with him at start of the game, early he is very weak, high cooldowns and mana problems(if you don't start with corrupting pot) so the best way fixing Fizz i really giving him less mana cost and a bit more damage at start but lowering his damage at late game. Fizz has never been this strong before, if you didn't try him out i honestly suggest him, he is very fun to play and even strong in this meta. He is strong in top,jungle and mid and i really think he is very broken and he needs a nerf in upcoming patch. Run {{summoner:14}} and {{summoner:12}} its very op. {{champion:105}} Thank you guys for reading i hope i helped someone :)
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