sylas - the uninspired champ

opinion time! he looks neat and his kit looks decent, but his ult.. his passive, q, w and e are all abilities that use his chain which works well with his concept but the ult is just.. uninspired it's like riot ran out of ideas for abilities when making him. passive, q, w and e are chain related. "so what should we do for his ult?" "ah geez maybe like.. idk, just make him use someone elses ult?" "but mr riot champion designer that has nothing to do with chains or his style and is the most uninspired ability in the entire game" ":)" it's something that would work better on neeko, considering her whole copycat style, but it's like riot realised that she'd be too op with that so they decided to just put the ability on the next champ, not caring if it makes sense or not. this ult could be placed on literally any champion and make just as little sense champion concept wise. how will his ult even work against champs like jayce, nidalee, elise, leblanc or kalista? yes there will be other ults to steal, but still. why not swap neeko and sylas ultimates? neeko would work better with it because she's a chameleon/copycat sylas could have chains he throws out and after a second he roots everyone or pulls them towards him or whatever. to me, it feels like whoever made neeko and sylas just mixed their ultimate concepts up. i don't know, just feels wrong. very uninspired and boring ult for a champion with such good potential. still looking forward to him he looks kinda fun.
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