Are games already decided if you win or lose?

Why is it that my team always seems worse than the enemies in my last 10 games or so i have outplayed the enemy laner or maybe not outplayed them but i haven't lost to them meaning i don't feed and usually have more or less CS than them but not by much, that is just the easy part my jungler fails to recognise a free drake usually early game. Well i had a {{champion:51}} and{{champion:25}} Vs{{champion:67}}and {{champion:40}} Caitlyn loses. and our top was {{champion:24}} Vs {{champion:75}} Nasus had unstoppable stacks. I can say it's me who is doing wrong which is what the pro's would say and technically it is because if i could use any champion to their full potential they can be an unstoppable monster but i am not that good and i don't aim to be i mean i aim to get better and enjoy my games but anyway the question i wan to ask is why do all my team mates seem less coordinated for example my top is overextended and starts dueling {{champion:24}} backs up closer to our side the enemy team all 5 will be there and only 1-2 in this game it was just me. I have just lost 3 in a row and i keep losing 3 in a row whilst only winning 1-2 games is this a way of Riot putting me back in the 50% win rate mark? and if anyone has any advice feel free to share atm i main {{champion:10}} i had a 69%wr and it's just shot all the way down to 50% :(

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