nob chaps

**this whole tread is actuali a joke lol** {{champion:67}} P: run Q: roll to hit hardr W: right click to smash E: gtfo R: become strongr {{champion:11}} P: right click Q: slash W: blocc/heal E: right click R: right click {{champion:23}} P: crit Q: heal W: weaken E: smsh R: immortal {{champion:157}} P: shield/crit Q; stab W: blocc E: dash R: roflpwn {{champion:31}} P: eat Q: cylinder W: scrm E: spke R: eat {{champion:119}} P: cash Q: right clic W: run E: divide R: roflpwn {{champion:2}} P: smsh faster Q: throw W: stl hp E: actually smash R: no prison can hold me
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