Unhealthy Matchmaking

I think this has been discussed since the beginning of league but , i'd like to hear what rioters have to say , also if you're a member feel free to post your opinion. There are many games where unless i go 15/0 i cannot win it , even 17/3~ is quite weak , of course i am human and possibly make mistakes , i do not blame 100% it on my teammates. However how is it possible for me to never have "luck" playing with good teammates? In 1 out of 50 games i have a good game aka free win , less than 30 are extremly hard carried with a lot of sweat and frustation going on in that game. The rest of them are probably lost. Wait , wait...don't get me wrong ! Of course if i could play as faker i could win every game and climb fast , very , very true! However we still learn and possibly make small errors during our game in the Summoner's Rift , but it is no possible for the same players / lanes to do the same mistakes over and over and over again ending up 0/3/0 all lanes (except me) or 1/7 ; 0/10 ; 1/7 etc. Me , as a player i'd love to play and collaborate with my team , but when they give up after the first death and try their best to lose , of course it's cancerous and toxic enviroment , the truth that i got intoxicated myself and unfortunately slowly intoxicate people too , so i will take a small break from league , soon. I'd like for a rioter to explain whether this will be fixed , balancing the game hardly , matchmaking-wise. Riot games and all players keep saying about team-play and collaboration , but if they all hardly feed , their knowledge and decision making is extremly clouded or inexistent , how am i supposed to work with such teammates? I'm not saying that the enemy team are any better , no ! They are just as bad , that's why i always have extremly big scores at a decent mmr (pl2-3mmr , even if im only g1). It's hard to climb having such bad teammates , help! * * * I'm not saying i can't climb , it will just take much more , just failed my placements since in every damn game they feed , bad games happen but every game bad teammates?... op.gg in case you wonder: https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=boxervictor As you see i have a few games , and still a decent elo and mmr. *** Sorry for the long post! P.S. grammatical errors occur since i wrote that in a minute.
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