What really bothers me about Riot and Dynamic Queue

Back in season 5 when Riot announced Dynamic Queue, there immediately was a part of the community that didn't want it, because it would ruin player's solo queue experience. Other didn't immediately criticize it and waited for it to be released, but a soon as it got released, the resistance against Dynamic Queue grew and grew. Now it's important to know while reading this thread, that I'm neither in favor, nor against Dynamic Queue. I get that there are players who like the possibility of being able to queue up together with their friends in ranked, but I also get that there are many players who get a bad feeling when they get matched with premades, where is doesn't matter if they are in the opposing team or in their own team, where it doesn't matter how accurate matchmaking is. The point I want to make is, back in season 5, nobody had any problem with being able to queue up solo or duo only in ranked, and, if you wanted to play competitive with all your friends being able to create your ranked 5v5 team to play ranked games with your friends. Now, however, there's significant amount of players that really doesn't like the new queue system. Yes, it might be the loud minority that dislikes Dynamic Queue, but it still a big minority that dislikes Dynamic Queue. New champion selection was requested by the community. Dynamic Queue, however, was never requested by the community. That's why I don't know why Riot decided to give us Dynamic Queue along with new champion selection as a bonus feature. Everything was OK as it was. Before nobody had a problem with anything, now there's a big part of the community that dislikes it as it is now. This means on average, that the player base is less satisfied with the game than before. I don't have a problem with Riot making good new additions to the game, but the thing that bothers me is that Riot added something to the game that was never requested, but that, while there's a big load of negative feedback, Riot doesn't accept that they shouldn't have implemented Dynamic Queue.
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