The Forced "Ryze rework" meme

The new Ryze changes were literally made for one simple reason: a shitty meme. Riot Games lives and dies for memes, and they would form their game around them, rather than actual gameplay feedbacks from players, or maybe around lore. Yes, league was always a competitive-centered game, and pro-league have always been the factor to dictate changes. So when Riot gives a champ a mini-rework, just so the "rework Ryze" meme can live on, I officially stopped taking them serious. His presence of being an actual skill based mage than needs to set up an enviroment and get a good position in a teamfight is now bascally just a {{champion:23}} that's guaranteed to oneshot 2 or more champs that stand close to each other if he gets sertain items. I feel like Ryze was ruined. And I also feel that Riot is waiting for the moment where the Ryze mains get fed up, and they take that opportunity, and rework him again right away, so that the meme keeps on living. Meme>Community - confirmed
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