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Hi guys how much like me think that the game now is un-balanced, ugly, and really really awful to play? Before this last patch i loved this..but this last patch is so bad, reason to change devourer? why that rageblade with that stats is so expensive? Why malzahar and the new shiit reworked are broken as who does this? Some drunken rioter? Let's talk about ad i just did 2 -3 matches with them i got deleted by everything Tank, ap mid, ad mid, mage support, bruisers? You just have to build : Sunfire- Gauntlet- Visage on everyone and is easy.. Riot ur game is broken and i am not crying, i know im not the only who think this. Fix your game rito and balance that new shit mages, nerf that fu.ckin darius, nerf fuckin ekko, nerf fuckin fizz (tank) u know now fizz tank is broken too =)) gg bye
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