Why is everyone so desperate to "report" each other?

I really do not understand people on this game. Pretty much EVERY game I play (about 99%) there is one person on our team or the enemy team that is like "report X" and it is so childish and sometimes its for the most IMMATURE of reasons, like that person lost their lane or had a bad game (which is probably the most common thing I see people call for), which is not even a reportable offense. People are so desperate to play the "blame game" with this game and accuse anyone but themselves for a reason why a game was a loss when it doesn't actually matter. People seem to forget that this is a GAME! Satan is not going to descend from the bowls of hell and drag you off if you do not win. Personally, I blame Riot and the professional scene for putting pressure on people playing this game and creating an environment where people feel they can report people for the smallest, most insignficant reasons... i.e. - If they don't pick the champion their teammate wants them to play - If they just have a bad game If I had a chocolate choux-bun for every time that somebody used the report system to protect their own EGO, I would look like {{champion:79}}.

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