5 man premades and freedom of information

Do you know what I would love? If Riot released the global win rate of five-man premades. Because guess what? I can guarantee you right now it's gonna be significantly higher than solo/duo winrates. Like there's no way that five-man premades don't just straight up win like 10-100% more than everyone else. The increase in coordination is stifling. And assuming that five-man premades do cause such a dramatic increase we have to ask ourselves why Riot even still has flex queue as an existent concept because they are effectively enabling cheating. Because it's not even a question of higher skill winning its just one team having an unfair advantage over the other. I've played three seasons now. Do you know what that means? every season since I've been playing five mans have been allowed and in my first season (s6 the year of premades obliterating everyone else by miles) it was actively a concept they encouraged. Riot please... most of us have no friends.
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