OP champions exist

so today ive been playing with my friends and i noticed that some champions are really out of bounds they are unstoppable, escape really fast and have realy low cd on their skills. quick examples:{{champion:114}} fiora's passive has a low cool down which makes her really unstoppable againste melee champs toplane, her dash is rly op since its cool down resets when hitting a champ(which is cool btw) but what makes it op is that its cd is reduced even when she hits a minion. {{champion:105}} fizz is a cancer champ, i personally hate playing against him hes a nightmare his e is ok, but the fact that when his w is ready on the enemy he deals a massively exagerated dmg which is really annoying too. there are many other annoying champs but i wont mention them coz it will take all day long. in my point of view riot isnt balancing all champs, they buff some and nerf some(even if sometimes THEY NEED BUFF INSTEAD OF NERF AND VICEVERSA!) or they even wont touch them at all(like ivern since he was released he was never seen in any of riot's patches) so balancing champions is really important, today i played against both of the champions i mention earlier and it was a nightmare even if i win, i just get rly frustrated that a champs doesnt need any skill to play, but deals massive damage and it really ruined my mood and my will to play lol, i just need to know if im the only one who thinks that. thank you Ludoteca
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