Akali: One Of League's most problematic Champion

So Akali, She is an AP/Hybrid Assassin and one of the game's oldest assassins, She recently popped up in the meta out of nowhere, and i just cannot fathom how problematic she is, she had so many roles and build that are Too many to list here, but most notably are the Full AP and the Tank, Now, whenever alkali pops up in the meta its always a bad time, and she does so. Akali keeps coming time and time again no matter what, she will always come back and she will come back strong, i swear to god she is like a plague that riot can't stop. I can't understand how she was left alone all this time without a full fledged rework , Her kit has counter-play but its not as reliable as it only in her Twilight shroud, she has great dash, an AOE attack and she heals while doing so, not to mention her terrifying snowball potential. Sure, a champion having many diverse build paths is good but when it comes out of nowhere and breaks the game, its a problem, Don't we all remember when tank akali was first becoming a thing and we were getting slaughtered left and right while being extremely confused ? I feel like akali should get the yorick treatment, getting nerfed to the ground while trying to rework her. but that's just my thoughts.
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