Can we have an adult discussion about premades?

I think we really need to have a discussion about one of the elephants in the room. (For me personally) For starters, I enjoy playing but I don't have time to play regularly and none of my friends play because of this game's sad reputation as a "toxic game" outside the community. (Which is sad). So I keep myself to myself. As a solo player, I understand that League of Legends is a team based game but I do not want to be FORCED to make friends in order to win games. The amount of times that I get matched with premade players either on my team or on the enemy team, I feel is unfair. Premade teams have a significant advantage over non-premade due to their knowledge of their allies battle strategies and playstyles while also using 3rd party communication tools to communicate more quickly with their team then Riot's limited ping system and normal chat. My question is, why does everybody feel that this is perfect acceptable? Its absolutely maddening for me and makes me feel like Riot is only interested in rewarding groups of players rather then individual players themselves. Yes, it is a team game but since I don't want to make friends on this game (because they are not going to be "real" friendships, only ones of convenience), I do not feel that needs to be a REQUIREMENT of the game? Does anyone else feel that Riot is trying to FORCE people to play in groups, like pack animals?
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