Concerning Shaco, Nocturne and Fiddlesticks Lore

These three champions have a unique theme/design and for most their lore has been left empty due to the removal of the fields of justice and summoners . due to them being "Friends" on the lore pages it has always been assumed that all three were from the same dream/nightmare realm or at least were associated with each other in some way but this was never explored All I ask is that when their lore is finally redone/updated can riot please **NOT** give them the moakai treatment and simply slot them into being assocated with the shadow isles. Having diversity in the lore and some unique backgrounds make's these champions less commonplace and stand out more. All I ask is that they are given the respect they deserve and riot don't pull some lazy fix and lump them in with all the other dark and strange champs in the game. TY for the read :D

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