TFT problems that are rly annoying

i mean.. okay first the mode is rly nice to kill some time howevr has so so so many annoying problems 1 rng is waaaay to hard. i had rounds where i get no items for 3 whole rounds where you should get something. example i do the first 3 matches vs the jungle creeps, i get nothing. first battle my enemy had 2 complete items and a lvl 2. ivrtually no chance to win. this guy had the entire game 100 points because he lucked out at the end he had everything maxed out and full with items. nothing could win vs him. like he oneshotted everything i had andno other player in that round was able to do anything close to that. 2 the champion pool is garbage again the rng just is ugly. i had games where i was never able to finish anything to lvl 3 because i would not get for the life of me the champ i needed. and if you have 6 champs at lvl 2 and cant upgrade them then it sucks. 3 the part where you can choose a champ out of the circle is ass. you should be able to better navigate and discard a champion if you dont want it. or let another champ reswapn and just replace the taken one. anything rly... 4 some champs are hilariously broken. had a round where the rng gods said f u you get nothing. enemy had a garen lvl 2. this garen mass murdered 4 champs atthe same time. like BAM dead. that was busted asf 5 completing a set is rly hard... i tried desperatly to get one each match, it was impossible, i would not get the champs i need, it takes too long. some dont even survive long enough to get anything at all. i think there should be a better option like choosing a bonus / set you want and get a higher chance of getting champs of that pool. so you can ACTUALLY use tactics. because there is barely any tactic involved if the rng just doesnt let you win. worst case i got. i had in the third fight vs a player the luck to fight a darius lvl 3 maxed out with 2 full items... just saying that should not be possible, let me have each time i fight mobs a guaranteed item. OR let me choose each set one item out of 3 or so. like rly anything.
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