Skin Refund

Hi, as a long time League player (although I play much rarely than I used to) I've spent a lot of time and money into game in last years. I am usually somewhat immune to changes but I've always loved Irelia (since her release). You can easily check my ranked stats if they are still visible and you could easily tell I was playing basically only her even back in season 2 and up to Diamond ladder and later on. Since I loved the champ so bad, I bought all the skins for her and was switching them the way one might switch his socks. Unfortunately due to her recent changes I don't feel like she is the champ I invested my time and money for. Is there any chance to get my skins refunded? As they will inevitably lay dormant now. I know it might not be a basic request but It feels like I purchased something albeit digitally that I no longer can use they way it was supposed to be and I consider that somewhat unfair. Does anybody have any kind of experience with that? If there is no way to get my invested resources back then I'd like to ask why not? Thanks!
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