Dynamic Queue... yet again.

First of all let me apologize on advance. I’m not native English speaker, nor have I ever learned this language. So If you are ready to forgive me some incorrect words/typos, u can stay and share your opinion. Or if u feel like it confront it with my point of view. First of all, Why does Riot tells us that “they did a research and most of the players wanted a possibility of queuing with their friends”? It is a very wrong way of explaining anything to players dear Riot Company. We already know u did those “strap pools”. We answered them. I myself was very pro to this possibility. SAYING THAT I did not, not in my wildest dreams would think, that u would mess it up so badly. It is not working and we don’t want it anymore apparently. From a number of similar threads on forum, we don’t like it anymore, we changed our minds. And yes b4 u asks, I’m not so called High ELO player. I’m far from it, so apparently this all dynamic queue imbalance should not apply to me yes? But even so, I just waited 2h and 40 minutes looking for a game with my friend. That ofc. is a major reason why I write on this post. Second point, bringing a Ranked Badges. What the **** are You even thinking? Cactopus (a RIOT employee) is writing “ We were pretty confident that the people who just want solo/duo queue back wouldn't be overly hyped about the emblems. It's not EXACLY the same thing, right?” He said "exacly" then I’m asking, how is it even SLIGHTLY the same? Even on a mini scale way. How is it even SLIGHTLY the same? How does a lame, created on a laps, between a lunchtime and bathroom visit, so called SOLUTION, going to give a players like me even a slight similar feeling to solo queue? It is only a damn picture! It is not changing a way that ... damn, just nothing ok? It change nothing. We still face the same problems we normally do in this joke of a season. Third point a role selection. It is not working. No! Wait! Don’t go away just yet, with that knowing smirk on your face. It is not, I repeat NOT working. I spend a lot of time to learn how to play EVERY lane. A support is not a Pandora Box for me. Adc? There u have I can cover it. Any solo lane? I can play it, maybe not brilliantly on each position but still. It was necessary to know every position if u played old solo queue rankeds. So I invested time to learn every single of them. So u say to me, that generally I could just pick a “FILL” position and be done with it right? WRONG! Fill = Support. There is no other way of looking on it. Whenever a player wants to be just a bit more diverse than average MID/TOP “main player” this diverse one WILL end as support. And he will grind a **** out of this position because “no one wants to play support”. As a side note (because it is somehow relevant to everything I wrote on point three). So called supports. This is insulting and wrong for a adc players to have a Karma support who deals twice as much damage as him. BUT it is even more insulting for a middle lane, to have a Zyra who is doing 50% more damage than him. Let me add it - with no farm ofc. <<- This is not a proper solution for role imbalance! Don’t be mad at me… I'm pissed off because u misinformed players a big time, and now u are trying to act like nothing happened “because we gave them those solo badges and all u see?”… that is wrong RIOT, and if u won’t do anything with it, it will sooner or later bite u in da ***. That’s it from me. I gave my stone to this avalanche of topics. Maybe it will change something but honestly I doubt it. If someone from RIOT is reading it, and if he/she feels like giving me some information, I have one simple question. Can u stop your founds on skins/rework Ryze/hroma packs/forum/shop sells/all the other unnecessary stuffs? Is it even possible? Instead of that, please work harder on solving tons of problems at the core of gameplay, u yourself had created on the beginning of the preseason? Ok, I think I’m done there, honestly writing it exhausted my small engrishu vocabulary… need a break. And a specially big “sorry” that u had to go through this post unnamed RIOT employee. Even after all those unpleasant thinks I had to address, I still wish u a nice day. The same goes to anyone that spended a while reading it. May {{champion:103}} and {{champion:37}} blessing be on all of u.
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