About the eternals

DISCLAIMER: I have put this in the comments on the patch notes of 9.17. But I feel like I should make a post here with some corrections and improvements to bring it more attention. So if you have seen this before, don't think ill of me please, I am just a guy caring about the game. So here you go: I have been playing around with them abit. And I can say with all certainty that you need to rethink some of the missions for them. Some of them? I mean most of them. The only missions that were intresting to me were the champion specific ones. But then again, something like Zoe's Rude awakening is just a kill mission that you have to fast. I liked Kindreds much more, because that is something besides killing and is really champion specific. It made me think about the marks much more often then not. But in any case, you have to rethink many of these missions from what I can tell so far. Like really, you can ask me for suggestions if you want to. Like for Zoe funny enough I was thinking of something like a prankster type mission. So for example: "Hit an enemy champion with a bubble that is laying down for 2 seconds or more" or "Hit an enemy champion while your bubble is in a bush" or perhaps a thievery type mission like: "use your opponents summoners spell shards". You know, missions that are specificlly designed to the champions as a character and refects part of their kit, rather then what they actually do ingame. I could go on and on about this, but I will stop before I get carried away. Aight this is where the comment ended. I would love hear what you people have to say, I am just a guy suggesting something to make eternals better. Cause if they are going to be released the way they are now, I am afraid this will cause an even bigger upcry with those who were aware and those who weren't combined.
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