Have you ever been into what I called "PRO-Mode"?

LoL is a complex game. We got it. Carrying games now is harder than ever before; I'm thinking about you, Mighty Season 2. **BUT** from time to time I go into a status that I called "PRO-mode" in which, during a winnable-but-still-not-won match: -I am hyper concentrated. -I am focussed on the victory. -I can predict everything that is happening on Summoner's Rift. -I feel like there is nothing around me in my house, just me, my champion, and the game. -I look for opportunities in-game, and NEVER watch the chat. and generally I end up performing like a booster or a pro-player (who ofc I am not) making close to zero mistakes. Have you ever experienced PRO-mode? Is it caused by too much caffeine? Do I have caffeine-related issues? xoxo Heaven
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