Ivern and the Crystal Scepter?

Hey guys, I have been curious about some Ivern builds. A lot of people suggest building {{item:3116}} but I cannot understand why. Obviously the hp and ap ratios are good on him, but there's other items that give those stats (this one might be cheaper, but if you're ahead, building the more efficient item makes sense to me). The main things comes down to the passive. The slow, last less time that Ivern's shield, and slows by less amount, so I don't know why people say his shield applies the slow, because unless it adds on after the initial slow wears off, it doesn't. His knock up is a knock up, so does the slow apply after they land? otherwise, again, it will wear off before the knock up ends The same for his root. The slow will wear off before the root ends. The only thing I think it applies to is his enhanced auto attacks from brush, but his low cd shield means 70% of the time they will be slowed by that anyway, or out of range of his aa's or he won't have any brush left. If I am missing anything, please let me know, because too many people are saying to build it when it items like Liandris provide the same stats, except deal nice damage to whoever Daisy is peeling, and items like the Hextech and catalyst items that provide healing or mobility or other useful affects. My usual build includes: {{item:3107}} ( {{item:3111}} / {{item:3158}} (depending on if I get Athenes)) ({{item:3026}} /{{item:3190}} against high ap or AD) ({{item:3157}} / {{item:3174}} ) {{item:3151}} Any advice appreciated, thanks
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